Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Love You David Cook!

A few months ago, David Cook was a Tulsa bartender trying to scrounge up enough money to fix his car so he could make it to his gigs at local bars. Now he is finalist tonight on American Idol!

Last week David was quoted as saying, "I got pulled from obscurity living in Tulsa, Okla., bartending, and it's awe-inspiring."

Oklahoma talent has really been showcased on American Idol in the last few seasons. What a thrill to watch Carrie Underwood and Melinda Doolittle. Although David Cook was not born here in Oklahoma, he lived and performed in Tulsa at local venues such as the Blank Slate and the Gray Snail.

I was disappointed when Melinda Doolittle did not win. My co-worker's daughter is her best friend. We were really cheering hard. Tonight I hope to see David Cook win. Not just because he is a Tulsan, but because he is mega-talented!

My son has already downloaded his American Idol recordings off i-tunes and plans to purchase David's first CD. While listening to David's version of "Eleanor Rigby", my son commented on what a great song it was. Um, Beatles......... Simon Cowell has made comments about taking an old song and making it current. David Cook can do this in a huge way!

I'm pulling for you David Cook! You have immense talent and I hope to see you when you perform at the new BOK Center here in Tulsa.

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