Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Make A Shopping List

Chic Things Galleria’s very own Christine Spencer recently wrote and promoted the importance of prioritizing. I couldn’t agree more! When it comes to shopping, I believe prioritizing your funds and goals is extremely important.

Most women have their grocery shopping lists ready to go in their purse, pocket, or wallet before they walk in stores like Albertson’s, or my favorite – Trader Joe’s. I grew up watching my mom cut out coupons, putting them away in an old shoebox and then as she wrote her list, she tried to match everything she wanted with her pre-cut coupons, and clipped it all together. My mom is smart, that woman. She is a big influence behind my motivation to help others save money. And as we walked out of the grocery store, she would always announce how much she saved!

So I ask you: Do you make a shopping list before you hit a boutique? Continue reading....

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